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SaS Seminars

Software and Systems Research Seminar Series

The SaS Seminars are a permanent series of open seminars of the Division of Software and Systems (SaS) at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), Linköping University. The objective of the seminars is to present outstanding research and ideas/problems relevant for SaS present and future activities. In particular, seminars cover the SaS research areas software engineering, programming environments, system software, embedded SW/HW systems, computer systems engineering, realtime systems, parallel and distributed computing, and theoretical computer science. - Two kinds of seminars are planned:

  • talks by invited speakers not affiliated with SaS,

  • internal seminars presenting lab research to whole SaS.

The speakers are expected to give a broad perspective of the presented research, adressing the audience with a general computer science background but possibly with no specific knowledge in the domain of the presented research. The normal length of a presentation is 60 minutes, including discussion.

The SaS seminars are coordinated by Christoph Kessler.

Recent / Upcoming SaS Seminars (2015)

Network Challenges in Cyber-Physical Systems

Prof. Luis Almeida, U. Porto, Portugal, and Mälardalen Univ., Sweden

Tuesday, 27 Jan. 2015, 13:15, room John von Neumann

Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) frequently rely on networking infrastructures. These necessarily play a central role in supporting the needed system-wide properties, being timeliness a particularly important one as dictated by the dynamics of the associated physical processes. In this talk, we present the case for flexible channel reservation-based communication as a means to provide scalable, open and adaptive latency-constrained communication and thus enable an efficient design of emerging CPS applications, such as Remote Interactions, Collaborative Robotics and other CPS applications with variable and unanticipated bandwidth requirements.

Speaker's bio:
Luis Almeida is an associate professor at the ECE Dep. of the University of Porto and a member of the Institute of Telecommunications in Porto where he coordinates the Distributed and Real-Time Embedded Systems group, working in real-time communication protocols and middleware for embedded systems and cooperative robotics. Currently he is also guest professor at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering of Mälardalen University, in the Embedded Systems Division.

Previous SaS Seminars

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