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Course plan

 Distributed Algorithms for Fault tolerance

  Autumn 2003

Period: This is an intensive version of the course developed for the CUGS (National Graduate School in Computer Science), and will run over four days in November 2003.

Examiner: Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, Laboratory of Real-time Systems, Dept. of Computer and Information Science (IDA).

Organisation: Day 1 starts with an overview, followed by in depth lectures. There will be a reflection/question-answering session in the middle or end of the day. At the end of Day 2 the participants are expected to formulate three learning goals for deeper study. Day 3 will start with a seminar where each participants describes the progress achieved on the learning goals, and problems encountered. There will 1 lecture by Ulf Nilsson on self-stablising algorithms towards the end of the course. An invited talk by another guest lecturer is also in progress.

The duration of each lecture varies between 2-3 hours depending on ongoing discussions.

Planned lectures/resource sessions:

Monday 3/11:

Tuesday 4/11: 

Monday 24/11:
Tuesday 25/11:

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