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Robin Keskisärkkä

PhD Student, Computer Science
Main advisor: Henrik Eriksson
Secondary advisor: Eva Blomqvist

Member of:
People, Computers and Work (MDA)
Human-Centered Systems (HCS)

Research interests

RDF Stream processing, i.e, processing of streaming RDF data in combination with static data, has the potential to greatly assist users in various decision support systems. While customized systems that utilize Semantic Web technologies for situation monitoring already exist to some extent, these are usually highly dependent on user intervention and hand-crafted rules.

The amount of data available as streams on the Web is increasing rapidly, for example, weather data, social media, news media, micro-blogs, and sensor data streams. We wish to be able to take advantage of these data sources in real-time, that is, to be able to consume data streams on-the-fly. For this to be possible, we need to be able to handle information that is highly heterogeneous, noisy, and rapidly changing.



Phone: 0704 90 91 79

Room: E 329:159

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Last updated: 2015-03-06