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Rego Granlund, PhD


Working at SICS with close collaboration with Department of Computer and Information Science at Linköping univerity. I am a member of the Center for Advanced Research in Emergency Response (CARER) and the Human-Centered Systems group (HCS).

SICS East Swedish ICT
Center for Advanced Research in Emergency Response (CARER)
Human-Centered Systems (HCS)
Dept. of Computer and Information Science


Conducts research in the areas of collaboration and decision making in crisis management systems and security application domains. Focuses on simulations, monitoring of collaboration processes and quantitative measurements in studies of distributed decision making and crisis management. Responsible for research systems C3Fire and C3Rescue which are interactive simulation environment that supports training and controlled studies of collaboration and leadership in dynamic emergency scenarios.

Research Key Words

Collaboration processes, Command and control, Emergency responce, Leadership, Resilience, Agility, Training, Simulation, Monitoring, After Action Review.

Research Systems

C3Fire is a micro-world simulation (scaled-world) that provide an environment that allows controlled studies of general collaborative decision making in a dynamic environment. C3Fire simulates a forest fire were the users can experience emergency response and command and control. In C3Fire players can perform team tasks as co-operation and coordination of actions and plans. The researchers or training manager can select some important characteristics of the real world and created a small and well-controlled simulation system that retains these characteristics. The system generates a task environment that have complex, dynamic and opaque characteristics, similar to the cognitive tasks that people normally encounter in real-life systems. For more information see www.c3fire.org

C3Rescue is an emergency response training and research system. It allows training of leadership and collaboration on the command and control level. In C3Rescue the training manger can define the rescue service resources that should exist, in terms of units, personnel, and competence. C3Rescue environment helps the training manger generate an interactive training where the players can experience command and control in a realistic decision making situation.
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