Oleg Sysoev
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Oleg Sysoev

Associate Professor (docent)

I am currently working  at the Division of Statistics and Machine Learning, Department of Computer Science. My research is focused on development of novel models and tools for statistical machine learning in various applications, including personalized medicine and telecommunication. I am a part of Center for Pesonalized Medicine at LiU and Swedish Digital Twin Consortium.

I am also a formal faculty of Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Programme (WASP) in which I am working on machine learning models for telecommunication applications together with my WASP PhD student.

Another part of my work is teaching at different levels: bachelor, master and engineering programmes. I have also been working during many years as a programme director for MSc in Statistics and Machine Learning.

Regarding my background: I was born in Crimea and then moved to continental Russia where I got a master degree in Applied Mathematics with profile System Programming. I also worked as a senior customer support engineer at the NetCracker technology. Afterwards, I have got a PhD degree in Statistics at Linkoping University.

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