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I am interested in work that promotes our understanding of what it takes for Software Engineering to be created for the common good, within the limits of the biosphere and with equity and justice as guiding principles for design. I welcome any thesis topic ideas that are in line with those general areas. That said, there are some specific areas I'm more able to offer support for at the moment.

Current thesis proposals

Applying Critical Systems Heuristics to Requirements Engineering

The motivation for this thesis topic is to understand different sources of influence and power in systems development, and understand how to change systems development so as to take into account methods from Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH) to ask critical questions about the goals and methods employed during the development of technical systems. Practically, the thesis would have to be conducted on site at a company willing to explore critical questions on how they frame systems development and how they engage with different groups in that process.


Duboc, L., McCord, C., Becker, C., and Ahmed, S. I. (2020). Critical requirements engineering in practice. IEEE Software.

Collection of information about game states and interactions during the Climate Change Megagame

As a research project, we are exploring how a large-scale game format called a Megagame can be used to promote better conversations and concrete action to change society into becoming long-term equitable, viable and bearable (sustainable). We will play games with up to 100 participants and will need to collect information about their interactions through physical components on in a room. How can we collect information about how game pieces move? This thesis project will explore and propose technical means by which we can do this effectively.

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