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Thesis project: Student Modelling based on Collaborative Dialogue with a Learning Companion

Eva L. Ragnemalm

In the research which formed the basis for my thesis I focused on the adaptability of Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) and Intelligent Learning Environments (ILE).The aim was to have the ITS/ILE adapt to the current knowledge of the student, in order to help the student learn more efficiently. This meant that the ITS or ILE needed to have some kind of model of the student's knowledge (called a student model, SM). The construction of the student model is not trivial since the information available for constructing it is often scarce. My thesis work presents the idea of using collaborative dialogue with a computer based agent (a Learning Companion) as a source of information on the student's knowledge. This idea was inspired by the experience of being a teaching assistant eavesdropping on human students collaborating on computer programming exercises.

My thesis work formed a project in collaboration with several other agents, among others the pulp mill constructing company Kamyr and the medical company Amersham Pharmacia Biotech, studying variations of the theme above using a MUD environment (I used to have it up and running, available to visitors, but can no longer maintain it, sorry). I defended my thesis in february 1999, my opponent was Professor Jim Greer, University of Sascatchewan, Canada.

Ragnemalm, Eva L. Student Modelling based on Collaborative Dialogue with a Learning Companion, Dissertation No 563, Linköping Studies in Science and Technology. 1999.

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