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Software and Systems Research Seminar


Status This course is given permanently but is not shown in the course list.
It is not necessary and not possible to register for it.
School Computer and Information Science (CIS)
Division SAS
Owner Christoph Kessler

Course plan

No of seminars

This course is based on a continuous research seminar series organized by the SaS division ("SaS-seminars") and is thus given in every term. About 4-5 seminars of 90 minutes each will be arranged in each term, and will be announced as available.

Recommended for

The seminars are intended primarily for SaS-employees and SaS PhD-students but open to all interested, especially also to PhD-students from other divisions within IDA.

Examination/points - only for IDA PhD-students

The course was last given

New course. It will be given continously.


The purpose of this seminar series is to expose graduate students to advanced research, often in an international perspective, within a broader scope in the theory and engineering of computer software and systems.



Division of Software and Systems


In particular, seminars cover the areas software engineering, programming environments, system software, embedded SW/HW systems, computer systems engineering, realtime systems, parallel and distributed computing, and theoretical computer science.

The list of previous seminars can be found at the SaS seminar page,




Professor Christoph Kessler


For being awarded a PhD point for a set of any five seminars, personal attendance at a seminar (participation list) is to be complemented by a written summary of the seminar presentation, which is, via the examinator, sent to the local host of the guest speaker for correction/approval.

The deadline for summary submission is 2 weeks after the seminar.

The examinator will collect the participation lists and approved summaries through the years and report the final number of points (floor(N/5) points for N approved summaries) on request at the end of the student's PhD education.

At most 6 points can be credited in this way for a single PhD student throughout his/her education.

Summary submissions without attendance are invalid.
Attendance without approved summary is not counted.
Points for a set of seminars can only be counted once.
Points are not reported unless the student applies for a degree (licentiate or doctorate) where they are needed.


0-6 hp


The course will be given in English.

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