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Available final year projects:

bulletProjects currently available at Linköping University
bulletA configurable database platform for the engine control. Project is currently available. For someone that likes to program, as it is implementation oriented project. Project is with strong industrial relevance and uses real industrial engine control unit. In collaboration with SAAB cars. Read more.
bulletEnhancing to Control Performance by Feedforwarding the Prediction of Computer System State. Project is currently available. For someone with interest in control theory and component-based development. Theoretical and implementation-oriented.  Read more.
bulletA tool for temporal analysis of real-time systems built using aspects and components. Project is currently available. Read more.
bulletAspect analyzer tool extension. Project is currently available. Read more.

bulletProjects at Mälardalen University
bulletTo be announced


Running projects:

bulletProjects at Linköping University
bulletOn-demand updating of data in a reconfigurable real-time database system, Student: Ying Du (20 points).  Read more.

bulletProjects at Mälardalen University
bulletReal-Time Database Management Support in a Component-Framework. Students: Ahsan Jawed and Kazim Sardar Mehdi (20+20 points). Read more.

Past projects:

bulletProjects at Linköping Univeristy
bulletFinite Horizon Prediction of Computer System State and its Applications to Reconfigurable Component-Based Real-time Systems. Student: Torgny Andersson (20 points). Read more.
bulletAdaptive QoS Management in Configurable Real-Time Databases. Students: Daniel Nilsson and Henrik Norin (20+20 points)
bulletCOMET Configuration Tool. Student: Peng Mu (20 points)
bulletQoS Management in Configurable Real-Time Databases. Student: Mikael Björk (20 points)
bulletConfigurable Concurrency Control in Real-Time Databases. Student: Kristoffer Erlandsson (20 points)
bulletAspect Analyzer Verification. Student: Joakim Bodin (10 points)
bulletAspect Analyzer: A Tool for Automated Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of Aspects and Components. Student: Pernilla Uhlin (20 points)
bulletStructuring Aspects in Embedded Database Systems. Student: Ke Sheng (20 points)


bulletProjects at Mälardalen Univeristy
bulletCOMET MiniLine: The design and implementation of a database for small embedded real-time systems, Robert Matsson and Mats Gustafsson, (D-level, 20p)
bulletImplementing of a database system for a hard real-time vehicle control system. Students: Ingela Hedman, Gisele Mwepu, and Susanne Ericsson (D-level, 20p)
bulletImplementation analysis of databases for embedded systems, Student: Tony Bertilsson (D-Level, 20p)
bulletDatabase Management of Robot Configuration Data. Students : Fredrik Mannerstedt and Magdalena Bozyk (D-level, 20p)


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