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The goal of the COMET project is to bridge the gap between embedded systems, real-time systems and database systems, with a particular focus on the software development tools. Significant amount of research has focused on how to incorporate database functionality into real-time systems without jeopardizing timeliness and how to incorporate real-time behavior into embedded systems. However, research for embedded databases used in embedded real-time systems, that explicitly address (i) the development and design process, and (ii) the limited amount of resources in embedded systems is sparse. This type of research inherits the challenges from component-based software engineering, aspect-oriented software development, embedded systems and real-time systems. Further, this research explicitly addresses system resource demand for the system in the design of the embedded database in order to minimize system resource usage. 

At a high level, the goal is to build an experimental research platform for building embedded databases for embedded real-time systems. The platform consists of two parts. First, we intend to develop a component library, which holds a set of components and aspects, that can be used when building an embedded database.  Initially, we will develop a set components and aspects that deal with concurrency control, scheduling, main-memory techniques. At the next step, we develop tools that, based on the application requirements, will support the designer when building an embedded database using these components and aspects form the library. More importantly, we want to develop application tools and techniques that: 

bulletsupport the designer in the composition and tailoring of an embedded database for a specific system using the developed components and aspects, and where the application requirements are given as an input; 
bulletsupport the designer when analyzing the total system resource demand of the compositioned embedded database system; and
bullethelp the designer by recommending components and aspects if multiple components/aspects can be used, based on the application requirements.


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