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COMET is a research project distributed between two Swedish Unversities, namely Real-Time Systems Laboratory  at Linköping University, and Mälardalen Real-time Research Center at Mälardalen University.

Within the project we are developing new techniques for design and development of real-time and embedded systems, as well as new techniques that enhance functionality of databases that work in embedded and real-time environments.

The new software engineering techiques for design of real-time systems and novel database mechansims are applied on an experimental real-time embedded database platform called COMET (a component-based embedded real-time database system).


COMET project has been granted the financial aid from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF) to develop the business  idea around COMET, and a prototype implementation. [May 2005]

Read all about the current status of the COMET project. [June 2005]

COMET research areas

bulletreal-time systems
bulletembedded systems
bulletdatabase systems
bulletaspect-oriented software development
bulletcomponent-based software development

Key COMET concepts

bulletDatabase Pointers
bulletAspect Analyzer

Final year projects

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