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ACCORD is a novel concept of aspectual component-based real-time system development.

ACCORD allows the integration of the two disciplines, component-based and aspect-oriented software development, into real-time systems development , thus enabling: (i) efficient system configuration from the components in the component library based on the system's requirements, (ii) easy tailoring of components and/or a system for a specific application by changing the behavior (code) of the component by applying aspects, and (iii) enhanced flexibility of the real-time and embedded software through the notion of system's configurability and components' tailorability.

Through the notion of aspects and components, ACCORD enables efficient application of the divide-and-conquer approach to complex real-time system development. ACCORD supports a decomposition process that consists of the following sequential phases: (i) decomposition of the real-time system into a set of components and a set of aspects, corresponding to the structural view of the components and the real-time system, and (ii) task structuring, corresponding to the temporal view of the components and the real-time system.

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Withing ACCORD we developed techniques for maintaining the specified level of quality of service under system operation, as well as under system reconfiguration.

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Also, we have used ACCORD for design and development of the COMET database platform.

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