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How to reach PELAB

PELAB is situated in Building B, Linköpings Universitet (Valla Campus), Linköping

To Linköping Universitet

Linköping is situated in southern Sweden, 200 kilometres south of Stockholm. The Copenhagen-Stockholm link of the central European railroad trunk passes through the city, as does the arterial Euro-Highway 4 (E4).

Air and Train  (map)

By air it takes about one hour from the Copenhagen International Airport and 35 minutes from the Stockholm International Airport. There are two local airports - one in Linköping and one in Norrköping - with regular flight connections to domestic and international destinations.

Those arriving at Norrköping International Airport can continue to Linköping by taxi. The taxi fee from Norrköping International Airport to Linköping is approximately 500 SEK (50$) one-way. When planning to leave Linköping make sure that you book an airport taxi to Norrköping Airport in advance through a travel agency or SAS booking office. In that way you can get a reduced fee.

It is also possible to continue to Linköping by commuter bus or train, but in that case you must first take a taxi to downtown Norrköping (five kilometers). Commuter bus 49 will take you to Linköping. Trains also run regularly.

The cheapest alternative for those arriving at Linköping Airport is to take a taxi downtown to "Resecentrum", and from there continue by bus to their final destination.

Linköping and Norrköping can be reached by train or car from Copenhagen in five hours and from Stockholm in less than two and a half hours.

In both cities, the railway station is situated a ten-minute walk from the city centre. There are regular bus connections from the railway station to the university campuses.

Car  (map)

Coming from Jonköping or from Stockholm on the E4, leave at Linköping West (that's the first stop of Linköping from south-west or the last stop from north). Follow the signs to University. You will drive on a still four track motorway about 4km. Then you reach a large roundabout, the Valla rondellen. Here you take the first to the right, again direction University. Enter on entrance 2 of the university (it is the second on the left). Go straight ahead across a crossing, and you should enter a large parking lot. Find a place.

To PELAB offices

Campus Valla  (map)

Pelab is in B-house, first floor between entrance 29 and 27. Search for house B. It should be on your left, a large red-brown building. Straight ahead should be building Zenit (you can see it from the large letters on the buidlings).

Going between B and Zenit to the back side of B turn left and look for entrance 29 (it should be the first one.)

In the building you go on the stairs to the first floor. Straight ahead, but then next door to the right. Here you should find the PELAB offices.

For more informations on directions see the maps.

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