This is part 1 in the course in logic and discrete mathematics. We will go through basic concepts in discrete mathematics. This part has three purposes.

  1. Provide training in working with abstract concepts and formal methods.
  2. As a prerequisite for part 2 of the course.
  3. As a prerequisite for other courses where formal methods are used, and to clarify some concepts in related formal courses (e.g. the PINK course).

Discrete Mathematics Course Material

  • Examination assignments and exercises
  • Discrete Mathematics English-Swedish Dictionary
  • Reference Literature

    The following book has been included as course material previous years. However, since only the 73 first pages are directly relevant to the course, we recommend the students to borrow the book from the library or from other students.

    Discrete Mathematics Schedule 1999

    Week 4

    Week 5

    4-Jan-99 17:23