Lars Karlsson, Ph.D.

Lars has moved to Örebro University since October 1999! This page will no longer be maintained.



I am a graduate student at KPLAB.

My main preoccupation is in the WITAS UAV project. It is a seven year project (1997-2003) with the long term goal of designing, specifying and implementing the IT subsystem for an intelligent autonomous aircraft and publishing basic research relevant to this goal.

I'm also working on my thesis about representation and reasoning about action. I expected to defend it in September 1999.

Finally, I am co-chair of the Third Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences, RoboCup-99 to be held in Stockholm, July 27 - August 6, 1999, and I'm a member of the Scandinavian committe for RoboCup.



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Coradeschi S. and Karlsson L. A Role-Based Decision-Mechanism for Teams of Reactive and Coordinating Agents, In RoboCup-97: The First Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conference Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI) 1998. A poster version of this paper was also presented at IJCAI'97.

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