Joakim Gustafsson, Graduate

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 Gustafsson, J. and Kvarnström,j.(2001) Elaboration Tolerance through Object-Orientation. In Working Notes of Common Sense 2001.

 Gustafsson, J.(2001) Object-oriented Reasoning about Action and Change. In Proceedings of the Seventh Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

 Doherty, P. and Gustafsson, J. and Karlsson, L. and Kvarnström, J.(1998) TAL: Temporal Action Logics Language Specification and Tutorial. In Linköping Electronic Articles in Computer and Information Science.

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 Karlsson, L. and Gustafsson, J.(1999). Reasoning about Concurrent Interaction. In Journal of Logic and Computation. Vol 9. Issue 5. (Oct 1999). An earlier version called Reasoning about Action in a Multi-agent Environment is available at Linköping University Electronic Press (1997).

 Gustafsson, J. and Doherty, P. (1996). Embracing Occlusion in Specifying the Indirect Effects of Actions. In Proceedings of the 5th Int'l Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation in Reasoning (KR'96).


Gustafsson, J. Extending Temporal Action Logic. Linköping Studies in Science and Technology, ISBN 91-7373-017-3, Dissertation No 689, 1998

Licentiate Thesis

Gustafsson, J. Extending Temporal Action Logic for Ramification and Concurrency. Linköping Studies in Science and Technology, ISBN 91-7219-287-9, Thesis No 719, 1998

My mastersthesis is an inplementation of the DLS algorithm by Doherty, Lukaszewicz and Szalas. An algorithm for reducing second-order formulas to first-order.
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