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The PARADOCS Project

PARADOCS in control of a simulated UAV logistics mission.

PARADOCS is a Prolog implementation of a reasoning system for a subset of TAL, that views Planning And Reasoning As DeductiOn with ConstraintS. It supports prediction from a fully instantiated set of actions, planning from the empty set of actions, and anything in between.

PARADOCS can be used to reason about a subset of TAL narratives that can be encoded using Horn clauses that are in close correspondence with the first-order TAL axioms. Temporal relations are managed by a general temporal constraint network implemented by a set of constraint handling rules (CHR), resulting in a plan structure that is more expressive than that of partial-order plans.

A plan generated by PARADOCS and its associated temporal constraint network.

One linearized instance of a plan generated by PARADOCS.

PARADOCS has been succeeded by the Logical Agents architecture.


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