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Goal Statement

The Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Systems Technologies Lab (UASTechLab) is a multi-disciplinary constellation of researchers with backgrounds in control theory, aeronautical engineering, signal processing, computer science, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. Basic and applied research goals include

  • development of integrated hardware and software platforms for autonomous UAV research;
  • design and implementation of integrated control modes for UAVs. These include autonomous take-off and landing, trajectory following and vehicle following;
  • design and implementation of deliberative functionalities for use in UAVs. These include automated task-based and trajectory planners, high-level knowledge representation and reasoning systems, diagnostic and execution monitoring systems and chronicle recognition systems;
  • design and implementation of hybrid software architectures and systems to support the integration of control, reactive and deliberative functionalities in deployed UAV systems;
  • design and implementation of sensor platforms for integrated perceptory capability in our UAV platforms. These include image processing components and sensor and information fusion techniques;
  • integration of UAVs into network-centric C4I2 infrastructures using cooperative multi-agent frameworks.

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Last updated: 2020-06-13