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One of KPLAB's members, Fredrik Heintz, has created a framework for developing RoboCup agents called RoboSoc. It is designed to encourage and simplify the modification, extension and sharing of RoboCup agents and is used in the AI Programming undergraduate course. The students taking the course develop and experiment with their own RoboCup simulation league teams, which would not be possible to do in such a limited timespan without the use of a framework.

Read more about RoboCup activities and the teams that have represented Linköping University in RoboCup competitions at Fredik Heintz' webpage.

Find out more about RoboCup at the official webpage.

Selected Publications

RoboSoc a System for Developing RoboCup Agents for Educational Use.
Fredrik Heintz,
Master's thesis (Examensarbete), Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping university, Sweden, March 2000.

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