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Examensarbeten och uppsatser / Final Theses

Framläggningar på IDA / Presentations at IDA

Se även framläggningar annonserade hos ISY och ITN i Norrköping / See also presentations announced at ISY and ITN in Norrköping (in Swedish)

If nothing is stated about the presentation language then the presentation is in Swedish.

WExUpp - kommande framläggningar
2017-10-03 - HCS
Game mechanics’ effects on user retention
Henning Hall, Alexander Lantz
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 08:15, Alan Turing (På svenska)
2017-10-05 - SaS
Implementering och testning av en FPT-algoritm för beräkning av h+-heuristiken
Niclas Jonsson
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 10:15, Donald Knuth (På svenska)
We have implemented and benchmarked an FPT-algorithm, that has two input parameters, k and w besides the input problem instance, which is a planing instance, in this thesis. The algorithm has an exponential running time as a function of these two parameters. The implemented algorithm computes the heuristic value h^+(s) of a state s that belongs to a state space, which originates from a strips instance. The purpose of the project was to test if the algorithm can be used to compute the heuristic function h^+, i.e. the delete-relaxation heuristic, in practice. The delete-relaxation heuristic value for some state is the length of the optimal solution from the state to a goal in the delete-relaxed-instance, which is the original instance without all its negative effects. Planning instances was benchmarked with the search algorithm A^* to test the algorithms practical value. The heuristic function blind was benchmarked together with A^* with the same instances so that we could compare the quality of the benchmark result for the implemented algorithm. The conclusion of the project was that the implemented algorithm is too slow to be used in practise.
2017-10-05 - HCS
Snail Quest – A usability comparison of motion control and keyboard
Johan Stenberg
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 11:30, Donald Knuth (På svenska)
Movement based controls in games hold great promise for public health, player enjoyment
and intuitive controls. A system employing the web camera for motion control of games
or other software might be a way to bring motion control to the consumers en masse. But
does motion based controls offer an advantage in usability compared to the conventional
keyboard? This study attempts to compare the usability of game controlled by such a
system with the usability of the same game being controlled with the keyboard. To that end
Snail Quest was developed. Snail Quest is a small 2D platformer puzzle game developed
for the motion controller. A user study was performed to measure the usability of the game
while used with each controller, the motion controller and the keyboard. Assuming the
validity of the questionaire used, the results are largely inconclusive. The motion controller
scored on par with the keyboard for the first of the two levels evaluated by the studies
participants, but in the second level the keyboard received a uneqivocally higher score.
Even so, statement nr 2 of the questionaire: “It was easy to use the game” consistently
recieved higher scores when the game was played using the keyboard regardless of level,
suggesting the game and/or the MBC may need improvement to compete with traditional
controls in usability.
2017-10-06 - ADIT
Storage and Transformation for Data Analysis Using NoSQL
John Bengtson, Christoffer Nilsson
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 09:00, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi (In English)
It can be difficult to choose the right NoSQL DBMS, and some systems lack sufficient research and evaluation. There are also tools for moving and transforming data between DBMS' in order to combine or use different systems for different use cases. We have described a use case, based on requirements related to the quality attributes Consistency, Scalability, and Performance. For the Performance attribute, focus is fast insertions and full-text search queries on a large dataset of forum posts. The evaluation was performed on two NoSQL DBMS' and two tools for transforming data between them. The DBMS' are MongoDB and Elasticsearch, and the transformation tools are NotaQL and Compose's Transporter. The purpose is to evaluate three different NoSQL systems, pure MongoDB, pure Elasticsearch and a combination of the two. The results show that MongoDB is faster when performing simple full-text search queries, but otherwise slower. This means that Elasticsearch is the primary choice regarding insertion and complex full-text search query performance. MongoDB is however regarded as a more stable and well-tested system. When it comes to scalability, MongoDB is better suited for a system where the dataset increases over time due to its simple addition of more shards. While Elasticsearch is better for a system which starts off with a large amount of data since it has faster insertion speeds and a more effective process for data distribution among existing shards. In general NotaQL is not as fast as Transporter, but can handle aggregations and nested fields which Transporter does not support. A combined system using MongoDB as primary data store and Elasticsearch as secondary data store could be used to achieve fast full-text search queries for all types of expressions, simple and complex.
2017-10-12 - ADIT
Securing hospitals from exploitation of hardware ports
Magnus Axetun
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 10:00, Alan Turing (In English)
Securing hospitals from exploitation of hardware ports
Sammanfattning: Electronic devices are widely used in today's hospitals and the possibilities they offer are increasing every day. The devices are often embedded systems and running outdated operating systems which makes them vulnerable to malicious software (malware). This thesis examines the ways malware can propagate through the Universal Serial Bus (USB) with the help of social engineering. Different threat scenarios are presented with risks and treatments to the identified risks. Lastly, the different scenarios are evaluated and short- and long-term mitigations are presented.
2017-10-12 - SaS
AUTOSAR Acceptance Test of Communication on CAN bus
Shih-Ting Huang, Bo Sun
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 13:15, Alan Turing (In English)
The spread of automotive industry adopt the standard from AUTOSAR such as acceptance test. Recently, acceptance test has been used to examine the functionalities of application and bus level. Application level affect the behavior of RTE, BSW services and libraries. Bus level influence bus behaviours and protocols. The aims of this study were to build a framework based on CAN bus and create a auto-run scripts for testing. Subsequent to this, UART between test bench and application layer was investigated. In this study, module CANTP and LDCOM were found not supported in Arctic studio. API Rte Invalidate and ComTxIPduClearUpdateBit were discovered not supported, either. The test successful rate is 82.7% and 10 out of 58 test steps were recognized as failure because of not supported functions. 2 out of 10 fail test steps were discovered in case 210 and 211. The results of the CAN analysis are presented such that they can be used as an aid to the improve the stability of developing tools.

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