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Examensarbeten och uppsatser / Final Theses

Framläggningar på IDA / Presentations at IDA

Se även framläggningar annonserade hos LinTek och ITN i Norrköping / See also presentations announced at LinTek and ITN in Norrköping (in Swedish)

If nothing is stated about the presentation language then the presentation is in Swedish.

WExUpp - kommande framläggningar
2017-03-29 - SaS
Intelligent boundary extraction for area and volume measurement
Oscar Nöjdh
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 15:15, Alan Turing (In English)
This thesis tries to answer if a semi-automatic tool can speed up the process of segmenting
tumors to find the area of a slice in the tumor or the volume of the entire tumor. A
few different 2D semi-automatic tools were considered. The final choice was to implement
live-wire. The implemented live-wire was evaluated and improved upon with hands-on
testing from developers. Two methods were found for extending live-wire to 3D bodies.
The first method was to interpolate the seed points and create new contours using the new
seed points. The second method was to let the user segment contours in two orthogonal
projections. The intersections between those contours and planes in the third orthogonal
projection were then used to create automatic contours in this third projection. Both tools
were implemented and evaluated. The evaluation compared the two tools to manual segmentation
on two cases posing different difficulties. Time-on-task and accuracy were measured
during the evaluation. The evaluation revealed that the semi-automatic tools could
indeed save the user time while maintaining acceptable (80%) accuracy. The significance
of all results were analyzed using two-tailed t-tests.
2017-04-21 - SaS
Cloud based industrial production data collection
Erik Lindén
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 13:15, Donald Knuth (In English)
Many industries are now moving several of their processes into the cloud computing sphere. One
important process is to collect machine data in an effective way. Moving signal collection processes
to the cloud instead of on premise raises many questions about performance, scalability, security
and cost.
This thesis focuses on some of the market leading and cutting edge protocols appropriate for
industrial production data collection. It investigates and compares the pros and cons of the
protocols with respect to the demands of industrial systems. The thesis also presents examples of
how the protocols can be used to collect data all the way to a higher-level system such as ERP or
The protocols focused on are MQTT and AMQP (in OPC-UA). The possibilities of OPC-UA in cloud
computing is of extra interest to investigate in this thesis due to its increasing usage and

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