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Examensarbeten och uppsatser / Final Theses

Framläggningar på IDA / Presentations at IDA

Se även framläggningar annonserade hos LinTek och ITN i Norrköping / See also presentations announced at LinTek and ITN in Norrköping (in Swedish)

If nothing is stated about the presentation language then the presentation is in Swedish.

WExUpp - kommande framläggningar
2016-08-29 - ADIT
Users Perceptions on Computer Intrusion
Aria Mohajer Soltani
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 10:15, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi (In English)
The thesis is about finding discrepancies between how computer intrusion occurs and how the average users believes computer intrusion occurs. It did this by conducting a series of qualitative interviews, quantifying the data and comparing it to existing statistics on the topic.
2016-08-29 - SaS
From Theory To Implementation of Embedded Control Applications : A Case Study
Florian Fize
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 13:15, Alan Turing (In English)
« Today, control applications are among the core applications in embedded systems. It is well known that there is a gap between the theory and implementation of such applications. That is, the stabilizing controllers designed theoretically will not necessarily be able to stabilize the plant, when implemented. In this thesis, we are going to investigate this and bridge the gap between the theory and implementation. »
2016-09-02 - SaS
Developing a process for automating UV mapping and polygon reduction
Julius Willén
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 13:15, Alan Turing (På svenska)
Modelling large and many CAD objects is highly time- and resource consuming. A game
engine helps with experiencing these models in an interactive and realistic environment, but
requires CAD data to be converted into 3D polygon objects. The CAD data needs to be
converted in two steps, from STEP to OBJ and OBJ to be optimised in terms of visual quality
and file size, and at last converted to FBX. The conversion can be made today by using
several heavyweight software applications. A lightweight and user-friendly software
dedicated to do only this conversion is needed.
An existing proof of concept, the result of a previous thesis project at XperDi, shows that
this conversion is possible and applicable. However, the polygonal geometries show poor
quality and are missing light-reflection information essential to photorealistic renderings in
the form of UV texture mapping.
The scope of the thesis is to investigate methods for optimisation of polygon models that
are used in the Unreal Game Engine to present data from CAD in a user friendly and intuitive
The project comprises the following tasks:
1. Develop understanding of the currently available proof of concept and
review of literature and market for the below tasks. Suitable open source
tool or script found are to be used as base for the below tasks.
2. Refine and optimise the proof of concept script for both conversion of CAD
data from STEP- to OBJ-format and optimisation of the resulting OBJ-files.
3. Refine and optimise the proof of concept script for conversion from
optimised OBJ- to FBX-format.
4. Investigate and implement of UV texture mapping.
5. Deliver the result of the above tasks in the form of lightweight software,
ready for application conversion of CAD data.
2016-09-06 - SaS
Designing and comparing access control systems
Hannes Boberg
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 14:15, Alan Turing (In English)
2016-09-09 - SaS
Evaluation of EDF Scheduling for Ericsson LTE System
Jonas Hartman, Angelica Nyberg
Avancerad (30hp)
kl 10:15, Alan Turing (In English)
Scheduling is extremely important for modern real-time systems. It enables several programs to run in parallel and succeed with their tasks. Many systems today are real-time systems, which means that good scheduling is highly needed. This thesis aims to evaluate the real-time scheduling algorithm earliest deadline first, newly introduced into the Linux kernel, and compare it to the already existing real-time scheduling algorithms first in, first out and round robin in the context of firm tasks. By creating a test program that can create pthreads and set their scheduling characteristics, the performance of earliest deadline first can be evaluated and compared to the others.
2016-09-20 - SaS
Bluetooths säkerhetsrisker inom vården
Tobias Nilsson
Grundnivå (16hp)
kl 13:15, Alan Turing (På svenska)
• sammanfattning: Syftet med arbetet var att undersöka de säkerhetsbrister som finns med att använda
enheter som kommunicerar via Bluetooth inom vården samt vilka steg som kan tas för att skydda sig
mot dem.För att studera dessa sårbarheter användes en pulsmätare som anslöts via Bluetooth med en

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