Accepted Papers

Research track

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Doctoral Symposium

Full presentation

  • Magnus Knuth. Linked Data Cleansing and Change Management
  • Marek Dudas. Versatile Visualization, Authoring and Reuse of Ontological Schemas Leveraging on Dataset Summaries
  • Jędrzej Potoniec. Towards Ontology Refinement by Combination of Machine Learning and Attribute Exploration
  • Niels Ockeloen. RDF based management, syndication and aggregation of web content
  • Gopala Krishna Koduri. Culture-aware music similarity measures

Poster presentation

  • Alessio Antonini. Representation of “social knowledge” in multi-purpose systems
  • Christian Denker. Assessing the spatio-temporal Fitness of Information Supply and Demand on an Adaptive Ship Bridge