Accepted Papers

Research track

  • Céline Alec, Chantal Reynaud-Delaître, Brigitte Safar, Zied Sellami and Uriel Berdugo
    Automatic ontology population from a product catalog
  • Tahani Alsubait, Bijan Parsia and Uli Sattler
    Measuring similarity in ontologies: a new family of measures
  • Isabelle Augenstein, Diana Maynard and Fabio Ciravegna
    Relation Extraction from the Web using Distant Supervision
  • Lorenz Bühmann, Daniel Fleischhacker, Jens Lehmann, Andre de Oliveira Melo and Johanna Völker
    Inductive Lexical Learning of Class Expressions
  • Vinay Chaudhri, Peter Clark, Aaron Spaulding and Adam Overholtzer
    Question Generation from a Knowledge Base
  • Vinay Chaudhri, Rahul Katragadda, Jeff Shrager and Michael Wessel
    Inconsistency Monitoring in a Large Scientific Knowledge Base
  • Isabel Cruz, Matteo Palmonari, Francesco Loprete, Cosmin Stroe and Aynaz Taheri
    Pay-As-You-Go Multi-User Feedback Model for Ontology Matching
  • Luís Cruz-Filipe, Graca Gaspar and Isabel Nunes
    Information Flow within Relational Multi-context Systems
  • Chris Dijkshoorn, Lora Aroyo, Guus Schreiber, Jan Wielemaker and Lizzy Jongma
    Using Linked Data to diversify search results: a case study in cultural heritage
  • Milan Dojchinovski and Tomas Vitvar
    Personalised Access to Linked Data
  • Marek Dudas, Ondrej Zamazal and Vojtěch Svátek
    Roadmapping and Navigating in the Ontology Visualization Landscape
  • Blandine Ginon, Stéphanie Jean-Daubias, Pierre-Antoine Champin and Marie Lefevre
    aLDEAS: a Language to Define Epiphytic Assistance Systems
  • Karl Hammar
    Ontology Design Pattern Property Specialisation Strategies
  • Florian Hanika, Gerhard Wohlgenannt and Marta Sabou
    The uComp Protege Plugin: Towards Embedded Human Computation for Ontology Engineering
  • Sabine Kadlubek, Stella Schulte-Cörne, Florian Welter, Anja Richert and Sabina Jeschke
    Futures Studies Methods for Knowledge Management in Academic Research
  • Zenun Kastrati and Ali Shariq Imran
    Adaptive Concept Vector Space Representation using Markov Chain Model
  • C. Maria Keet
    A Core Ontology of Macroscopic Stuff
  • Zubeida Khan and C. Maria Keet
    Feasibility of Automated Foundational Ontology Interchangeability
  • Olga Kovalenko, Estefania Serral, Marta Sabou, Fajar J. Ekaputra, Dietmar Winkler and Stefan Biffl
    Automating Cross-Disciplinary Defect Detection in Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Environments
  • Benedikt Kämpgen, Steffen Stadtmüller and Andreas Harth
    Querying the Global Cube: Integration of Multidimensional Datasets from the Web
  • Steffen Lohmann, Stefan Negru, Florian Haag and Thomas Ertl
    VOWL 2: User-Oriented Visualization of Ontologies
  • Albert Meroño-Peñuela and Rinke Hoekstra
    What Is Linked Historical Data?
  • Eleni Mikroyannidi, Manuel Quesada-Martínez, Dmitry Tsarkov, Jesualdo Tomas Fernandez Breis, Robert Stevens and Ignazio Palmisano
    A Quality Assurance Workflow for Ontologies based on Semantic Regularities
  • Pasquale Minervini, Claudia D'Amato, Nicola Fanizzi and Floriana Esposito
    Adaptive Knowledge Propagation in Web Ontologies
  • Paul Mulholland, Annika Wolff, Eoin Kilfeather and Evin McCarthy
    Using event spaces, setting and theme to assist the interpretation and development of museum stories
  • Matthias Nickles
    Functional Logic Programming for Web Knowledge Representation, Sharing and Querying
  • Francesco Osborne and Enrico Motta
    Inferring Semantic Relations by User Feedback
  • Francesco Osborne, Giuseppe Scavo and Enrico Motta
    A Hybrid Semantic Approach to Building Dynamic Maps of Research Communities
  • Laura Papaleo, Nathalie Pernelle, Fatiha Sais and Cyril Dumont
    Logical Detection of Invalid SameAs Statements in RDF Data
  • Paolo Pareti, Benoit Testu, Ryutaro Ichise, Ewan Klein and Adam Barker
    Integrating Know-How into the Linked Data Cloud
  • Terry Payne and Valentina Tamma
    A Dialectical Approach to Selectively Reusing Ontological Correspondences
  • Valentina Presutti, Sergio Consoli, Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, Diego Reforgiato, Aldo Gangemi, Ines Bannour and Haïfa Zargayouna
    Uncovering the semantics of Wikipedia wikilinks
  • David Ratcliffee and Kerry Taylor
    Closed-World Concept Induction for Learning in OWL Knowledge Bases
  • Laurens Rietveld and Rinke Hoekstra
    YASGUI: Feeling the Pulse of Linked Data
  • Giuseppe Rizzo, Claudia D'Amato, Nicola Fanizzi and Floriana Esposito
    Tackling the Class-Imbalance Learning Problem in Semantic Web Knowledge Bases
  • Marco Rospocher, Elena Cardillo, Ivan Donadello and Luciano Serafini
    On the collaborative development of application ontologies: a practical case study with a SME
  • Anila Sahar Butt, Armin Haller and Lexing Xie
    Relationship-based Top-K Concept Retrieval for Ontology Search
  • Monika Solanki and Christopher Brewster
    A knowledge driven approach towards the validation of externally acquired traceability datasets in supply chain business processes
  • Andrea Tettamanzi, Catherine Faron Zucker and Fabien Gandon
    Testing OWL Axioms Against RDF Facts: A possibilistic approach
  • Ilaria Tiddi, Mathieu D'Aquin and Enrico Motta
    Quantifying the bias in data links
  • Ilaria Tiddi, Mathieu D'Aquin and Enrico Motta
    A Neural Network-based Approach for Linked Data Rules Aggregation
  • Paola Velardi and Giovanni Stilo
    Temporal Semantics: time-varying hashtag sense clustering
  • Paul Warren, Paul Mulholland, Trevor Collins and Enrico Motta
    Using ontologies - understanding the user experience
  • Veruska Zamborlini, Marcos Da Silveira, Cédric Pruski, Rinke Hoekstra, Annette Ten Teije and Frank Van Harmelen
    A Conceptual Model for Detecting Interactions among Medical Recommendations in Clinical Guidelines
  • Ziqi Zhang
    Methods of Using Partial Data in Disambiguating Web Tables

Doctoral Symposium

Full presentation

  • Magnus Knuth
    Linked Data Cleansing and Change Management
  • Marek Dudas
    Versatile Visualization, Authoring and Reuse of Ontological Schemas Leveraging on Dataset Summaries
  • Jędrzej Potoniec
    Towards Ontology Refinement by Combination of Machine Learning and Attribute Exploration
  • Niels Ockeloen
    RDF based management, syndication and aggregation of web content
  • Gopala Krishna Koduri
    Culture-aware music similarity measures

Short presentation

  • Christian Denker
    Assessing the spatio-temporal Fitness of Information Supply and Demand on an Adaptive Ship Bridge