Conference Program

Links to recordings are available in the program list below.

The conference starts on June 7 with lunch and ends in the evening on June 9 (Linköping time).

We first list confirmed speakers and panelists in alphabetical order. For the program see here.

Panel moderator

Mike Helber
Mike Helber


Adam Albelin
Adam Albelin, Swedish Ice Hockey Federation
Johan Andersson
Johan Andersson, Swedish Ice Hockey Federation
Thorsten Apel
Thorsten Apel, Sportcontract
Leksands IF
Petter Carnbro, Leksands IF
Meghan Chayka
Meghan Chayka, Stathletes
Lance Du'Lac
Lance Du'Lac, Hudl
Zach Ellenthal
Zach Ellenthal, Rögle BK
Patrik Hall
Patrik Hall, Växjö Lakers
Andreas Hofmann
Andreas Hofmann, Hudl
Jeff Jakobs
Jeff Jakobs, Linköping Hockey Club
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly, NHL Network
Thomas Krauskopf
Thomas Krauskopf, Lausanne HC and German National Team
Miska Kuusisto
Miska Kuusisto, Wisehockey
Erik Lignell
Erik Lignell, Frölunda Hockey Club
Albin N Maelum
Albin N Maelum, Stretch On Sense
Thomas Magnusson
Thomas Magnusson, Swedish Ice Hockey Federation
Tomas Montén
Tomas Montén, HV71
Jan Morkes
Jan Morkes, Bílí Tygři Liberec
Josh Pohlkamp-Hartt
Josh Pohlkamp-Hartt, Boston Bruins
David Radke
David Radke, Chicago Blackhawks
William Rahm
William Rahm, SCL Tigers
Martin Sahlin
Martin Sahlin, Stretch On Sense
Freddie Sjogren
Freddie Sjögren, Malmö Redhawks
Maciej Szwoch
Maciej Szwoch, Färjestad BK
Andrew C. Thomas
Andrew C. Thomas, SportsMEDIA Technology
Sean Tierney
Sean Tierney, Sportlogiq
Mikael Vernblom
Mikael Vernblom, Linköping Hockey Club
Erik Wilderoth
Erik Wilderoth, Färjestad BK
Morgan Zeba
Morgan Zeba, Spiideo


Research paper competition

  • Lynn LeVatte, Kristin O’Rourke, Christina Phillips, Shaun Ranni,
    Professionalism & Leadership Development in Ice Hockey: Understanding Social Emotional Learning Experiences of Coaches in Atlantic Canada
    Paper, Recording
  • David Radke, Jaxin Lu, Jackson Woloschuk, Tin Le, Daniel Radke, Charlie Liu, Tim Brecht,
    Analyzing Passing Metrics in Ice Hockey using Puck and Player Tracking Data
    Paper, Recording
  • Rasmus Säfvenberg, Niklas Carlsson, Patrick Lambrix,
    Simple and Practical Goal Importance Metrics for Ice Hockey,
    Paper, Recording
  • Rasmus Säfvenberg, Mikael Svarén, Niklas Carlsson, Patrick Lambrix,
    The Importance of Special Teams in Ice Hockey,
    Paper, Recording

Student competition

  • David Awosoga, Justin Cui, Aujin Li, Jaden Majumdar, Junhao Wang,
    Comparing Defensive Pressures Using Possession Retention Probability and Expected Goals,
    (University of Waterloo and University of Toronto, Canada)
    Paper, Recording
  • Tim Keller,
    Where did they get out? Evaluating zone exits using expected threat in hockey,
    (Universität Basel, Switzerland)
    Paper, Recording
  • Anton Olivestam, Axel Rosendahl, Hampus Svens, Lukas Hellberg,
    On the Attack: Using Analytics to Unlock the Secrets of Successful Zone Entries in Hockey,
    (Linköping University, Sweden)
    Paper, Recording
  • Ethan Parliament,
    Defensive Zone Puck Battles and Breakout Success,
    (Queens University, Kingston ON, Canada)
    Paper, Recording
  • Elias Stihl,
    The Impact of Winning Faceoffs on Expected Goals (xG) in Power plays: An Analysis of 2020-2021 SHL Season Data,
    (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)
    Paper, Recording


Talks and panels in room 'Ada Lovelace'.
Company exhibition and refreshments in room 'Ljusgården'. (close to 'Ada Lovelace')
Lunches at 'Universitetsklubben'.

June 7

11:30-13:15 Registration and lunch, set up for companies

13:15-13:30 Welcome

13-30-14:45 Panel – Analysts
Zack Ellentahl (Rögle BK), Erik Lignell (Frölunda Hockey Club), Erik Wilderoth (Färjestad BK)

14:45-15:15 break (kanelbulle)

15:15-15:45 Talk: Tailored and Visualized Feedback - Turnover Optimization/Maximization
Andreas Hofmann (Hudl), Thomas Krauskopf (Lausanne HC, German National Team)

15:45-16:05 Talk: Performance analytics
Freddie Sjögren (Malmö Redhawks)

16:05-17:20 Panel – industry
Thorsten Apel (Sportcontract), Meghan Chayka (Stathletes), Miska Kuusisto (Wisehockey), Morgan Zeba (Spiideo)

17:20-17:35 break (smörgås)

17:35- Industry product talks
Hudl (15 min), Recording
Stretch on Sense (15 min), Recording
Sideline Sports (15 min), Recording
49ing (10 min), Recording

June 8

10:15 - 11:55 research talks

11:55 - 13:30 lunch

13:30 - 14:45 Panel - industry data integration
Lance Du’Lac (Hudl), Andreas Hofmann (Hudl), Albin N Maelum (Stretch on Sense), Sean Tierney (Sportlogiq), Freddie Sjögren (Malmö Redhawks)

14:45 - 15:15 break (muffins)

15:15- 15:45 Talk: From expected threat calculation towards real-time possession value models in ice hockey
Frans Murto (Wisehockey)

15:45 - 16:45 Goaltender analytics
Thomas Magnusson (Swedish Ice Hockey Federation), William Rahm (SCL Tigers), Maciej Szwoch (Färjestad BK), Sean Tierney (Sportlogiq), Mikael Vernblom (Linköping Hockey Club)

16:45 – 17:00 break (smörgås)

17:00 - 18:15 Panel – Analysts
Petter Carnbro (Leksands IF), Thomas Krauskopf (Lausanne HC, German National Team), Jan Morkes (Bílí Tygři Liberec), Josh Pohlkamp-Hartt (Boston Bruins), David Radke (Chicago Blackhawks)

June 9

10:00 - 11:00 student competition

11:00 - 11:15 break

11:15 - 12:15 Talk: Video Analytics
Johan Andersson

12:15 - 13:30 lunch

13:30 – 14:45 Panel - coaches and GMs
Adam Albelin (Swedish Ice Hockey Federation), Patrik Hall (Växjö Lakers), Jeff Jakobs (Linköping Hockey Club), Tomas Montén (HV71)

14:45 - 15:15 break (brownie)

15:15 – 16:00 Talk: Deploying Insights from Puck and Player Tracking in Near-Real Time
Andrew C Thomas (SportsMEDIA Technology)
(waiting for permissions)

16:00 - 17:00 Talk: Practical application of data in hockey and differences between regular season and playoff hockey in the NHL
Mike Kelly (NHL Network)