Student Competition

Registration to the student competition is open.

Submission Rules & Guidelines

Data set:

Data produced by Sportlogiq provided with permission of SHL, the Swedish Hockey League, representing event data from the 2020-2021 SHL season.

The data will be made available to registered participants.

We plan some Zoom meetings to answer questions regarding the data.

Note that the data can only be used for this competition and cannot be distributed.


Given the event data, generate findings/patterns related to sequences of events leading up to a particular outcome. You can choose the kind of outcome. For instance, find characteristics of sequences of events leading to, e.g., a goal or a successful zone entry.

Submit latest April 23, 2023:

    A report (max 5 pages) including

    • introduction - describe the area/problem, motivate why is this interesting (focus on the outcome you have choosen), what kind of solutions have been used before
    • background - any background knowledge that is needed to read the report/undertand the talk (e.g. domain of the application)
    • algorithms - describe the algorithms that were used (why were these chosen?)
    • overview and discussion of your findings: analyze the results, compare with what was done before
    • summary of key points
    • future: ideas for how to improve? other things that could be done?
    • a link to code, e.g., in github.

    Submit your report via hotcrp at The reports should be written in English, following the Springer LNCS format, and be submitted in PDF. For details on the PDF submission format, see Springer's LNCS guidelines. (Please, do not use headers, footers, page numbers. These will be added by LINHAC.)

Who can participate

  • All students on undergraduate and PhD student level.
  • Sign up in groups of up to 5 people.
  • Sign up via the registration form.
    In the registration form you need to provide proof of being student for all team members (e.g., student card, letter from university), e-mail addresses for all team members and mark that you understand that the data can only be used for this competition and cannot be distributed.

Prizes for winners and finalists

  • Sportlogiq goodies bags for winner
  • Free participation to LINHAC for finalists
  • Finalists present at LINHAC
  • Reports of the finalists published in LINHAC proceedings