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Applied Logic Group

The Applied Logic Group (ALG) is a new addition to the AIICS Division that we expect to grow and evolve into official lab status. The focus of interest for this group is in the area of applied logics where logical formalisms, rather than being studied and developed intrinsically, are instead developed for use as knowledge representation tools. Current topics of interest are:

  • Approximate Reasoning, in particular rough set based formalisms
  • Non-monotonic reasoning
  • Game theoretic applications to coalition and team formation

Professor Andrzej Szalas leads the group. The ALG group has strong ties to KPLAB with a shared research agenda.

The ALG group also has a strong affiliation with the Group of Logic at the Institute of Mathematics, Warsaw University. Professor Andrzej Skowron leads this group.

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Last updated: 2014-04-30