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TDIU11 Operating Systems (6 ECTS)

Vt1 2018

You will learn what an operating system is, why it exists and how it works.
This course TDIU11 replaces (TDIU25) and is a prerequisite for Concurrent and operating system programming (TDIU16). The two courses (TDIU11 and TDIU16) together replace the course Concurrent programming and operating systems (TDDI81).

Latest News...

2018‑02‑02  Clarification regarding problem solving sessions

* To get the points, you need to present your solutions to complete problems. You are allowed to cooperate as much as you like, but the solutions have to be convincing, well understood and well presented (even if they turn out to contain mistakes during the presentation).
* The students presenting their solutions are randomly chosen among those claiming the respective points. From the second exercise session (next week) on, the assistants will use the same (computer-based) random selection method in all three groups.
* Each student should be able to convincingly solve the whole problem she/he is claiming to have solved. If you are chosen to present and explain your solution and fall through you loose all points for that seminar.

2018‑02‑02  Clarification regarding article summary sessions

* The summaries should use the supplied template. For the citations, the style does not matter, both the suggested Harvard citation format and the one used by the ACM template are fine.
* In order to pass the second article seminar, you will need to submit a summary via email to your assistant before the deadline AND to print it and bring it for the seminar discussion.

2018‑01‑24  Lecture 5 (5 feb) rescheduled to kl. 15-17

Lecture 5 on monday 5 february 2018 has been rescheduled from 10-12 to the new time 15:15-17:00 in lecture hall Vallfarten (VAL). See the updated schedule.

2018‑01‑23  Clarification about the threshold towards UPG1

There were some questions today regarding the number of points required to pass UPG1, as there was a different number mentioned on the web page under Timetable and Deadlines. This was an error, which has been corrected now. The threshold for passing UPG1 is 16 points, as also previously announced on this web page under Examination and in the first lecture. A lower threshold of 8p only applies to former TDIU25 students.

2018‑01‑22  Second lesson of group C rescheduled to 1 feb 10:15

The second lesson (paper 1 summary seminar) of Group C (Joel Oskarsson) has been moved from 30 jan to 1 feb 10:15-12:00, see the updated schedule.

2018‑01‑22  Submission deadline for first exercise set

Recall that the submission deadline for the first exercises set (email to your group's supervisor) is today monday 22/1 at 23:59.

2018‑01‑07  Preparation for course start. Pages are being updated.

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