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TDIU11 Operating Systems (6 ECTS)

Vt1 2017

You will learn what an operating system is, why it exist and how it work. The course replaces (TDIU25) and is a prerequisite for Concurrent and operating system programming (TDIU16). The two courses (TDIU11 and TDIU16) together replace the course Concurrent programming and operating systems (TDDI81).

Latest News...

2017‑02‑19  Slides of the recapitulation lecture are available here

2017‑01‑17  TDIU11s students: do not forget to individually register, latest Friday 20/01, to a group for the assignment seminars (UPG1) and for the article seminars (UPG2). Both are now open.

2017‑01‑16  The first two lectures and the first set of 8 problems are available on the homework page.

2017‑01‑16  Please check the "finishing TDIU25 page" if you have been registered to TDIU25 and did not yet finish it.

2017‑01‑10  Preparation for course start. Pages are being updated.

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