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  1. Temperature-Aware Software-Based Self-Testing for Delay Faults
    Ying Zhang, Zebo Peng, J. Jiang, H. Li, M. Fujita
    Proc. Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE’15), Grenoble, France, Mar. 9-13, 2015.
  2. Energy Aware Real-Time Scheduling Policy with Guaranteed Security Protection
    Wei Jiang, Ke Jiang, Xia Zhang, Yue Ma
    19th Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASPDAC 2014), SunTec, Singapore, January 20-23, 2014
  3. Design Optimization of Security-Sensitive Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Embedded Systems
    Xia Zhang, Jinyu Zhan, Wei Jiang, Yue Ma and Ke Jiang
    1st workshop on Real-Time Mixed Criticality Systems (ReTiMiCS2013), Taipei, Taiwan, August 21, 2013.
  4. Design Optimization of Energy- and Security-Critical Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems
    Xia Zhang, Jinyu Zhan, Wei Jiang, Yue Ma, Ke Jiang
    15th Workshop on Advances in Parallel and Distributed Computational Models (APDCM 2013), Boston, USA, May 20, 2013.
  5. Automatic Test Program Generation for Out-of-Order Superscalar Processors
    Ying Zhang, Ahmed Rezine, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng
    21st IEEE Asian Test Symposium (ATS 2012), Niigata, Japan, November 19-22, 2012.
  6. Automatic Test Program Generation Using Executing Trace Based Constraint Extraction for Embedded Processors
    Ying Zhang, Huawei Li, Xiaowei Li
    IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration Systems, 2012.
  7. Immune Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of Task Priorities and FlexRay Frame Identifiers
    Soheil Samii, Yanfei Yin, Zebo Peng, Petru Eles, Yuanping Zhang
    Intl. Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA), Beijing, China, August 24-26, 2009, pp. 486-493.
  8. SOC Test Optimization with Compression-Technique Selection
    Anders Larsson, Xin Zhang, Erik Larsson, Krishnendu Chakrabarty
    A Workshop in Conjunction with the International Test Conference, Santa Clara, CA, USA, October 28-30, 2008 (Informal Digest).
  9. Core-Level Expansion of Compressed Test Patterns
    Anders Larsson, Xin Zhang, Erik Larsson, Krishnendu Chakrabarty
    17th Asian Test Symposium (ATS), Sapporo, JAPAN, November 24-27, 2008, pp. 277-282.
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