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ENGO workshop at the Environmental Protection Agency

Topic: ENGO reserach and the future systems and methods ti follow uo progress towards environmental objectives-

Location: Room Sarek, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Stockholm

Time: 9.00-16.00



En landskapsansats för genomförandet av miljömål om skog, vatten och biologisk mångfald. (A landscape approach to environmental objectives for forésts, water and biodiversity)

Per Angelstam and co-workers have compiled a final report for project IV in ENGO.



Miljömålsarbete, genomförande och uppföljning (Environmental objectives, implementation, and monitoring)

Victoria Wibeck and Carl Dalhammar  have written a manuscript synthesizing some major results of projects 3 and 5. For more information contact the authors.



Doctoral dissertation on communicative barriers and bridges in the environmental objectives implementation process

Madelaine Johansson defends her thesis "Barriärer och broar - kommunikativa villkor i det svenska miljömålsarbetet". The dissertation takes place in room K3, Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping,  Linköping University, at 10.00, Dec 19, 2008



Article on trends in extremes

Agne Burauskaite-Harju , Anders Grimvall and Claudia von Brömssen have submitted an article on "Analysing trends in precipitation extremes for a network of stations (pdf)". The article describes a  simple and efficient trend test for extreme events in a region.



Article on communicating uncertainty

Victoria Wibeck has submitted an article on "Communicating uncertainty: Models for communication and the role of science in the assessment of environmental goal achievement


Article on communicative challenges

Victoria Wibeck has submitted an article on "Communicative challenges in the assessment of progress towards environmental quality objectives.



Article on extracting the essence of complex process-based models

Davood Shahsavani and Anders Grimvall have published an article with the title "An adaptive design and interpolation technique for extracting highly nonlinear response surfaces from deterministic models". It will soon appear in a special issue of "Reliability Engineering and Systems Safety", and describes how simple rules of thumb can be derived from complex environmental models, such as river basin models. Contact person: Anders Grimvall



Doctoral dissertation on trend detection and data quality

Karl Wahlin defends his thesis "Roadmap for Trend Detection and Assessment of Data Quality". The dissertation takes place at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, at 13.15, Oct10, 2008 (pdf)



New software for change-point detection in time series of environmental data

The software MULTITREND for joint analyses of multiple time series of data has been augmented with a module for detecting artificial level shifts or other abrupt changes in the collected data. Contact person: Anders Grimvall



Report on change-point detection in time series of environmental data

Karl Wahlin, Anders Grimvall and Sackmone Sirisack have written a research article on "Detection of artificial level shifts in the presence of smooth trends" (pdf). Contact person: Karl Wahlin



Report on assessment of regional trends

Karl Wahlin and Anders Grimvall have written a research article on "Roadmap for assessing regional trends in groundwater quality" (pdf). Contact person: Karl Wahlin



Report on joint assessment of trends in multiple time series of environmental data

Anders Grimvall, Karl Wahlin, Mohamed Hussian and Claudia von Brömssen have written a research article on "Semiparametric smoothers for trend assessment of multiple time series of environmental quality data" (Word). Contact person: Anders Grimvall



New software for multiple trend tests of environmental data

The software MULTITEST performs ordinary and conditional Mann-Kendall tests for multiple time series of data representing several sampling sites or seasons . The programme can accommodate censored values (nondetects) and enables correction for serial dependence in the collected data. Contact person: Anders Grimvall



Report on environmental objectives and the environmental code

Carl Dalhammar has written a research report (in Swedish) with the title

"Miljömålen och miljöbalken - Möjligheter till rättsligt genomdrivande av miljökvalitetsmål " (pdf)



Paper on data quality in environmental monitoring

Karl Wahlin and Anders Grimvall have published an article on "Uncertainty in water quality data and its implications for trend detection - lessons from Swedish environmental data" in Environmental Science & Policy, Vol.11:115-124. The article demonstrates the need for a paradigm shift in environmental monitoring.



Doctoral dissertation on approximation of complex deterministic models

Davood Shahsavani defends his thesis "Computer experiments designed to explore and approximate complex deterministivc models" The dissertation takes place at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University, at 13.00 Feb 29, 2008 (pdf). Contact person: Anders Grimvall



OSPAR workshop

ENGO organizes an OSPAR workshop on Adjustment and Trend Analysis of Waterborne and Atmospheric Inputs. The workshop takes place on 16-17 Oct 2007 at the Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University

2006-12-02 Participation in workshop on communication

ENGO researchers Victoria Wibeck and Madelaine Johansson present research results and participate as workshop leaders in a workshop on communication organised by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). The target group for the workshop consists of scientists doing research funded by the Environmental Monitoring Department at SEPA. .

2006-08-04 Collaboration with USGS

ENGO is developing software for trend analysis in cooperation with the US Geological Survey. Contact person: Anders Grimvall


International conference on Environmetrics

ENGO researchers organise and contribute to the conference 'The annual meeting of The International Environmetrics Society' (TIES). Anders Nordgaard gives a plenary talk in the session 'Can we monitor the abundance of a multitude of species'. Contributed papers are given by Lars Westerberg and Agné Burauskaite, and several posters with ENGO research are presented.


Participation in FAO/IAEA meeting

Anders Nordgaard participates in a consultant's meeting on 'Integrated analytical approaches to assess indicators on the effectiveness of pesticide management at a catchment scale' organised by the Joint FAO/IAEA Division of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture.


Meeting with journalists

ENGO makes presentations for journalists at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.


Doctoral dissertation on detection of trends

The first dissertation based on ENGO research will take place on Dec 16 at Linköping University. Mohamed Hussian will then defend his thesis " Monotonic and Semiparametric Regression for the Detection of Trends in Environmental Quality Data"(pdf) . Contact person: Anders Grimvall


Seminar at the Environméntal Protection Agency

ENGO-researchers Anders Grimvall and Per Milberg give a seminar at the Environmental Protection Agency. Topics:

  1. Methods for trend analysis of riverine loads, water and air quality contaminants in biota (project 1 )

  2. Estimation of variation in the subjective evaluation of vegetation and power calculations in multivariate data (project 2)


Two new projects in ENGO

  • Project 4: The geography of ecological sustainability - spatially explicit assessment of the state of the environment, is coordinated by Per Angelstam, The School for Forest Engineers (SMS), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and

  • Project 5: The relationship between the Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives and the Environmental Code: Synergies and Conflicts, is coordinated by Thomas Lindhqvist, IIIEE – International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University

2005-03-23 ENGO evaluates effects of nitrogen reduction in sewage treatment plants on the the water quality in the Stockholm's archipelago.
2004-10-18 Naturvårdsverket has published a call for proposals within ENGO. For the period 2005 until 2008 SEK 4 million will be distributed for research on:
  • Conflicts and synergies between the Environmental Code and objectiveoriented environmental management and
  • The use of indices and indicators in achieving the environmental objectives.
2004-08-17 An interview with Gunilla Öberg can be found on Östergötlands environmental objectives homepage (in Swedish).
2004-08-17 ENGO evaluates CAMP (Comprehensive Atmospheric Monitoring Programme) data and techniques for assessing trends in air pollution and atmospheric deposition. Contact: Anders Grimvall
2004-07-05 The Swedish Miljöforum

 takes place 1-2 September 2004 in Norrköping. ENGO researchers Victoria Wibeck and Madelaine Johansson hosts a session on conflicts within environmental objectives.

2004-03-05 ENGO evaluates trends in toxic contaminants in fish. A database compiled by ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) will be utilised for our study.
2004-01-15 ENGO evaluates OSPAR (Oslo-Paris Commission) guidelines for the normalisation of riverine inputs of nutrients to the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Our results will be presented at an OSPAR workshop in Dresden, 8 - 10 September 2004.
2004-01-13 ENGO Meeting. Lokal: Glashuset, Hus B, Campus Valla, Linköping. Time: 9:30-13.00
2003-12-08 Anna Larsson presents her Master's thesis: Environmental Objectives - Not as easy as it sounds. Location: K1 Kåkenhus, Norrköping. Time: 10.15-12.00
2003-11-24 Peter Guttorp, recognized environmental statistician at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA, will be visiting the Division of Statistics at Linköpings University during autumn 2004 and summer 2005. He is engaged in questions concerning ENGO research

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