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Executive group:
  • Anders Grimvall, Linköpings universitet (chairman)
  • Victoria Wibeck, Linköpings universitet
  • Per Milberg, Linköpings universitet
  • Per Angelstam, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Thomas Lindhqvist, Lund University 
  • Catarina Johansson, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Project 1:
Principles and software for separating human impact and natural fluctuations in environmental data 


Project 2: Evaluation of preservation status of nature reserves and impact of management schemes
Project description


Project 3:
Enabling communication in the assessment of environmental goal achievement


Project 4:
The geography of ecological sustainability - spatially explicit assessment of the state of the environment
Project 5:
The relationship between the Swedish Environmental Quality Objectives and the Environmental Code: Synergies and Conflicts