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ENGO joint seminars:

Every third week ENGO researchers meet for a joint seminarseries.

2004, November 3:
Victoria Wibeck (ITUF), Communicative processes in Environmental Management by Objectives - Examples from the Swedish Context
2004, December 13:
Helga Ahl (ITUF), Assessment of the environmental objective 'Living Forest'
2005, January 10:
Anders Grimvall and Claudia Libiseller (MAI), Normalisation of wet and dry deposition
2005, February 2:
Per Milberg and Lars Westerberg (IFM), Observer bias in vegetation records
2005, April 29:
Madelaine Johansson, Victoria Wibeck and Gunilla Öberg (ITUF), Vem äger frågan? - en studie av svenskt miljömålsarbete
2005, May 20:
Kalle Wahlin and Anders Grimvall (MAI). Trend Analysis in Swedish Rivers
2005, September 23:
Lars Westerberg and Per Milberg (IFM), Specificity and sensitivity of statistical methods to detect perceived management actions in semi-natural grasslands
2005, October 24:
Claudia Libiseller and Anders Grimvall (MAI), Impact of improved wastewater treatment on the concentration of total nitrogen in the Stockholm archipelago
2005, November 17:
Victoria Wibeck (ITUF), Images of environmental management and communication. Competing metaphors in focus group discussions about the Swedish environmental quality objectives
2005, December 9:
Lars Westerberg och Per Milberg (IFM), Resampling species-wise collected abundance data for flexible assessment of changes in biodiversity
2005, December 14:
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