Mariusz Wzorek

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List of the projects I'm (or was) involved in:

  • WITAS (Wallenberg Laboratory for Information Technology and Autonomous Systems) project - finished in 2005.
    "WITAS was a research project during years 1997-2005. It was engaged in goal-directed basic research in the area of intelligent autonomous vehicles and other autonomous systems. focussing on the development of an airborne computer system that is able to make rational decisions about the continued operation of the aircraft, based on various sources of knowledge including pre-stored geographical knowledge, knowledge obtained from vision sensors, and knowledge communicated to it by data link."  (more ...)
  • MACS (Multi-sensory Autonomous Cognitive Systems) project - funded by the European Commission - ongoing until 2007
    "The main objective of the MACS project is to explore and exploit the concept of affordances for the design and implementation of autonomous mobile robots acting goal-directedly in a dynamic environment. The claim is to develop affordance-based control as a method for robotics."  (more ...)
  • NFFP4-031 (ongoing until 2009)
  • NFFP4-007 (ongoing until 2009)