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Introduction to
Methodology of Research in Computer Science


Reading instructions, Fall 2004 (Revised 040925!).



A.F. Chalmers: Whats is this thing called Science? Latest ed., Open University Press, (Previous edition can be used if the course leader is informed before the examination.).
Read carefully. Examination will cover the contents of this book.

T. Colburn: Methodology of Computer Science. In Floridi (ed.): The Blackwell Guide to the Philosophy of Computing and Information, pp 318-326, Blackwell 2004. No examination.

P.J. Denning et al. Computing as a Discipline. Comm of the ACM, vol 32, no 1, January 1989.
Read and contemplate. No examination.

B. Gustafsson, G. Hermerén, B. Pettersson: Vad är god forskningssed? Vetenskapsrådets rapportserie, 2005:1. No examination.

S. Hägglund (ed.): Selected term papers on Methodology of Research in Computer Science, Vol II, Lecture Notes, IDA, LiTH, 1997:
Scan this volume and select a few papers for careful reading.Try to identify some topics of crucial importance for methodology of  esearch in computer science treated in the term papers and form your own opinion. During the seminar November 18 (participation required), you might be asked to present and discuss a paper (of your choice) from the Lecture Notes.

ACM Self Assessment Procedure XXII: Ethics, CACM, vol 33, no 11, November 1990:
Read this paper carefully and complete the assignments. No examination or check, but you will be required to fill in a "self declaration" stating that you have done this assignment.

Ned Kock. A Case of Academic Plagiarism. Comm of the ACM, vol 42, no 7, July 1999.
Read and contemplate. No examination.

Erik Sandewall: The Methodology of Design Iteration for Systems-oriented Research in Computer Science. No examination.

A.J. Smith: The task of the referee, IEEE Computer, vol 23, no 4, April 1990.
Read and contemplate. No examination.

More reading material will be added during the course.

Optional reading: 


Phil Agre: Networking on the Network: A Guide to Professional Skills for PhD Students

Course information:

Extra reading :

Paul Graham: Hackers and Painters,

Paul Graham: The Age of the Essay,

Kevin McGee: Thesis proposal proposal template.pdf

Kevin McGee: 8 Questions questions.pdf



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