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Package descriptions

If you become a sponsor of EKAW your logo and acknowledgement will be on the EKAW website and the printed program regardless the package you will choose. On top of that the packages offer a variety of additional benefits for your individual needs.

Diamond and Platinum Packages

These packages are as noble as their labels. In addition to ensuring high­-quality dissemination for your enterprise throughout the conference (incl. a banner attached in a visible place during the whole conference), both packages include premium features such as free full conference registrations and exhibition space.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Packages

The Olympic packages are your entry run into the conference. They include features from dissemination to all participants in paper and via Twitter to a free registration and exhibition space.

Award Packages

What about having your name standing for the promotion of scientific excellence? With these packages, you can promote excellent scientific work, especially by young and upcoming researchers. Your company will be linked for ever with innovation in science.

Prices and Features

Price Logo on Website PPT during conference Flyer in conf package Exhibition space + mention during intro Free registrations
Bronze 500 € X
Silver 1000 € X X X
Gold 2000 € X X X X 1
Platinum 3500 € X X X X 2
Diamond 5000 € X X X X 3