Social event (included in the conference fee)

The social event will take place on Thursday 27th November in the Visualization Center in Norrköping.

There will be guidning of the exhibition, a dome movie and dinner. The Visualization centre originated from work at Linköping University (which has a campus in Norrköping) and is very well known in its field, in particular in special effects in Hollywood movies and for their virtual autopsy table (e.g for teaching or for exploring an Egyptian mummy)

Nowadays, the visualization centre is also a tourist attraction in Norrköping.

Extra social event (not included in the conference fee)

On Wednesday evening there is the opportunity to watch an ice hockey game in the Swedish top division. The local team LHC plays against the classic team of Leksand in the Swedish Hockey League (SHL). We have booked a number of places that we can keep until October 24 (early registration deadline). As this game is usually a popular game, please book in time to be guaranteed to obtain a ticket.

LHC reached the semifinals the last two seasons in the SHL and plays this season also in the European Champions Hockey League. The team features World Championship medalists (including gold), former NHL players as well as the top scorer in last year's SHL. LHC is the largest ice hockey association in Sweden with the ladies team being the current Swedish champion.

We plan an 'Ice Hockey 101' during the conference for people who would like to know more about the game and the rules.

Highlights from the social event game: LHC - Leksand: 4 - 2

Videos of the 2014-2015 Champions Hockey League games: