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TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games

Since: 2008

About 100 students developing games using primarily C# XNA Game Studio and Game Maker but also any dedicated game library of students choice. Design focus on core game play, in game tutoring, and progression.

TDDD27 Advanced Web Programming

Since: 2002

About 150 students developing advanced web projects, ranging from online games to web stores. TEchnichal focus on framwork on client- and server-side, single-sign-on user authentification, rich internet application and web 2.0 user experience. State of the art web projects using technologies such as PHP, ASP, GWT, Javascript, DJango, Ruby, Jquery.

TDDD49 Programming C# and .NET

Since: 2010

About 150 students leanring C#.NEt.Visual Studio based programing. Part focus on programing, partly on Visual Studio software development support.

TDP013 Web Programming

Since: 2009

About 35 students leanring web programing.

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