First International Workshop on
Teaching Logic Programming - TeachLP 2004


The workshop proceedings are published by Linköping Univerisity Electronic Press and are available here.

Below are copies of the speakers' presentations and additional electronic resources.

An On-line Course on Constraint Programming
by Christine Solnon
Link to the on-line course (in French)

Partial Specifications of Program Properties
by Christoph Beierle, Marija Kulas, Manfred Widera

Teaching Prolog Programming at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
by Tibor Ásványi

Prolog as Description and Implementation Language in Computer Science Teaching
by Henning Christiansen

Teaching Logic Programming at the Budapest University of Technology
by Péter Szeredi

A Logic Programming E-Learning Tool for Teaching Database Dependency Theory
by Paul Douglas, Steve Barker

A Database Transaction Scheduling Tool in Prolog
by Steve Barker, Paul Douglas

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