Research Themes

A primary goal of LinkLab is to provide a dynamic infrastructure to support different types of research projects related to future aviation systems and associated technologies. LinkLab encourages an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach across a number of key research themes.

Core Themes

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Flight Technologies and Platforms
  • Distributed and Cooperative Systems
  • Human-Machine Interaction

An additional meta-theme which cuts across core research themes is

  • Distributed Management and Development

Themes and Sub-Themes

Autonomous Systems

  • Hybrid Architectures
    • integration of deliberative, reactive and control functionality
    • fault tolerance and redundancy
    • validation, verification and testing
    • robust and secure communication
    • real-time data and event flow backbones
    • plug-and-play capability and reconfigurable software systems
  • Deliberative Functionality
    • automated task-based planning
    • automated path planning
    • on-line diagnosis and execution monitoring
    • reasoning and inference systems for decision making
    • knowledge representation
  • Sensor Fusion and Sensor Technologies
    • SLAM - simultaneous localization and mapping
    • sensor modeling
    • situational awareness support
    • sensor fusion technologies
    • sense and avoid technologies

Flight Technologies and Platforms

  • Avionics Systems
  • Navigation Systems
  • Sensor Systems
  • Design of different physical UAV platforms
  • Mini- and Micro-UAV Technologies

Distributed and Cooperative Systems

  • Cooperative Robotics and Agent Systems
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • Robust and Secure Communication with Efficient Data Transfer in Distributed Environments
  • Systems of Systems
  • Situational Awareness Support
  • Semantic Web Technologies

Human-Machine Interaction

  • Adjustable Autonomy
  • Mixed Initiative Planning and Scheduling
  • Multi-Modal Interfaces

Distributed Management and Development