Proposing a LinkLab Project

Who is eligible?

In the initial building up phase for the center, we will be accepting proposals for evaluation from researchers within Linköping University and within Saab. For those outside these groups, please feel free to contact a program director for initial discussions about ideas you may have.

Project Types:

  • Basic or Applied Research Projects in the LinkLab research theme areas. (Duration 1 or 2 years)
  • Demonstration Projects
  • Cooperation Projects (Soliciting LinkLab for participation in national or international projects, both industrial and academic)
  • Sponser Projects (outside organizations or industrial organizations can contribute as sponsers to our existing projects or new projects)

Application Guidelines:

A step-by-step checklist for new proposal submissions:

  1. Contact a LinkLab program director for initial discussions
  2. Visit LinkLab and give a presentation
  3. Upon approval, submit an application form
  4. Wait for a decision!

Application Forms:

Not yet ready. Please contact a program director.