LinkLab - Center for Future Aviation Systems

A New Form of Cooperation between Saab and Linköpings universitet

LinkLab, established in 2004, is a new center for future aviation systems. It is a joint partnership between Saab and Linköping university. Its formation is motivated by the rapid increase in activity, both academic and commercial, in the area of future aviation systems, in particular unmanned aerial vehicles.

Saab views Linklab as providing new opportunities to best benefit from the combined knowledge of Saab and LiU in important growth areas, as well as ensuring the commersialization of the partie's shared innovations inside and outside the Saab core business domain

Linköping University views LinkLab as a platform for providing new opportunties to increase its basic and applied research activities in the area of future aviation systems together with Saab and to internationalize cooperation with other industrial and academic partners in this rapidly expanding area.