Niklas Carlsson

Senior Associate Professor
Linköping University, Dept of Comp & Info Science (IDA)

Contact Info

Research Interest

My general research interests are design, modeling, performance, and security of distributed systems and networks. Much of my research focuses on understanding and improving applications and services, or to help build a better understanding of the underlying fundamentals of different systems. In my research, I often try to empirically or mathematically understand the current state-of-the-art (e.g., through measurements, data mining, data analytics, and mathematical modeling), theoretically and practically determine how to we make things better (e.g., through optimization, careful system design, or use of ML and/or other statistical tools). The research also often includes some form of performance evaluation to help quantify improvements and/or the potential room for further improvements. Some of the main topics that I target at the moment are:
  1. How to best deliver tomorrow's highly interactive services (e.g,, branched video, 360, VR, AR, MR)?
  2. How to best improve security and privacy when using applications over the internet?
  3. Understanding and improving security, privacy and performance tradeoffs across services and systems
  4. Understanding and modeling underlying processes such as social networks and popularity dynamics
For a more traditional breakdown, I often describe my current research to (often) fall into one of the following classes: (i) characterization of systems and networks, (ii) optimized delivery of content, information, and multimedia (e.g., VR/AR), (iii) cybersecurity, (iv) network science (e.g., related to popularity, spread of fake news, and social networks), and (v) sports analytics.

To better understand existing technologies and develop and evaluate new better technologies, my research includes a combination of analytic modeling, simulations, measurement-based characterization, system implementation, as well as real-world experiments. I have a particular interest in trying to obtain solid fundamental/general insights towards the best possible performance, scalability, efficiency, and/or quality of service. When possible, analytic lower bounds are developed for the purpose of rigorous protocol and system evaluation.

Ongoing Projects

Please contact me or see publication list for sample works.