Nerd Protege workshop

Fourth International Protégé Workshop

July 29 - August 1, 1999
Hotel Ekoxen
Linköping, SWEDEN


August 17: There is now a post-workshop information page available (restricted access).


The Fourth International Protégé Workshop brings together researchers developing or using Protégé development methodologies and tools. The Protégé workshop is the premier forum for discussions about the future of the Protégé approach. The fourth meeting builds on the success of the previous meetings in Lidingö, Sweden; Pavia, Italy; and at Stanford University. The workshop provides a good opportunity to appreciate the breadth of applications of the technology, to share new developments in the field, and to find out how to exploit these development in practice.

The workshop will feature several plenary sessions and a system-demonstration session. Participants are expected to present brief overviews of their work in the form of status reports at the first session. Status reports are limited to five minutes and one overhead slide. The other sessions have preplanned themes, but it is still possible to form smaller groups to discuss technical issues relevant to only a few participants.

The workshop location and dates make it easy to attend the workshop prior to IJCAI-99 in Stockholm.

Post-workshop information

There is now a post-workshop information page with links to call-for-participation, program, slides, and so on (restricted access).

Local organizer

Contact Henrik Eriksson (


The workshop is partly sponsored by the Dept. of Computer and Information Science at Linköping University. 

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