Libraries tested for Soccer server version 8.xx:

Name Author(s) Web page Language(s)
AtanWolfgang Wagner
RCCParserTom Howard
C++, Bison, Flex
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Atan (Java)

Author(s): Wolfgang Wagner (
Web page: Yes
Source page: Yes
Available versions: atan-0.02 (original copy), atan-0.02 (local copy)
Documentation available: Description">Yes

Atan is an Interface to Soccer-Server of Robocup's simulation league. It should allow you (and allowed me) to concentrate on the job of controlling your clients without worrying about the following features offerd by Atan. As programming language Java was choosen. If you want to use Atan you also have to use Java.

Atan is part of the vsoc project that tries to develop Sserver clients controlled by neuronal nets.

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RCCParser (C++, Bison, Flex)

Author(s): Tom Howard (
Web page: Yes
Source page: Yes
Available versions: rccparser-1.2.4 (original copy), rccparser-1.2.4 (local copy)
Documentation available: Yes
Description: The RCCParser library is written in C++ and uses bison and flex to generate the parser and tokenizer, so it should be pretty fast. The data is parsed into a series of C++ objects, which can be used directly within a clients code or you can write conversion functions if you want to use it in your existing code. It is also a pure parser and neither the parser nor the classes use any global variable, so you should have no problem using it with threads.

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