Cyrille Berger

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My research interest is on the modeling of the environment for a system of robots using multiple sensors, in a goal of localization and of building maps that can be used by the robot to accomplish a mission. In particular, this modelisation can be used in a SLAM process (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping). So far, I have been working on modeling the environment by a geometric graph, this involves working on the extraction of features, the matching and the assembly of the model.

Four main challenges of modeling for a fast robot

A fast robot is...
  • ...a robot with a high speed, meaning the localisation process must be fast
  • ...a robot which goes far, meaning it has to deal with a lot of data
  • ...a robot which need to see far
  • ...a robot that see far
The second challenges is not just a challenge for a fast robot, it's a concern for all robots, but while it's acceptable for slower robots to stay in a limited environnement, a fast robot will reach the boundary quicker. The third challenges is a direct conscequences of the speed, since with high speed, landmarks will be seen for a shorter time, hence the need to see them on bigger distances.

Environnement modeling

Model construction

Interest points

Facets are extension of interest points, including the planarity in the surrounding of each interest point.


Graph of features