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  1. High-Level Synthesis and Test in the MOSCITO-Based Virtual Laboratory
    Andre Schneider, Karl-Heinz Diener, Gert Jervan, Zebo Peng, Jaan Raik, Raimund Ubar, Thomas Hollstein, Manfred Glesner
    The 8th biennial Baltic Electronics Conference (BEC 2002), Tallinn, Estonia, October 6-9, 2002, pp. 287-290
  2. High-level Test Synthesis with Hierarchical Test Generation
    Gert Jervan, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng, Jaan Raik, Raimund Ubar
    IEEE NORCHIP Conference, Oslo, Norway, November 8-9, 1999, pages 291-296
  3. Hierarchical Test Generation for Digital Systems
    Marina Brik, Gert Jervan, Antti Markus, Priidu Paomets, Jaan Raik, Raimund Ubar
    Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 131-136, 1998.
  4. Hierarchical Test Generation with Multi-Level Decision Diagram Models
    Gert Jervan, Antti Markus, Jaan Raik, Raimund Ubar
    7th IEEE North Atlantic Test Workshop, West Greenwich, RI, USA, pp. 26-33, May 28-29, 1998.
  5. DECIDER: A Decision Diagram based Hierarchical Test Generation System
    Gert Jervan, Antti Markus, Jaan Raik, Raimund Ubar
    DDECS'98 Conference, pp. 269-273, Szczyrk, Poland, September 2-4, 1998.
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