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Ying Zhang is a PostDoc researcher in the Embedded Systems Lab (ESLAB), at the Department of Computer and Information Science (IDA), Linköping University (LiU), Sweden. [CV]


2006.9–2011.7 Computer Architecture, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.
Ph.D. supervisor: Huawei Li, Professor of Institute of Computing Technology

2002.9–2006.7 Computer Science and Technology, Haerbin Engineering Univsity, Haerbin, Heilongjiang Province, Bachelor Degree


2010 XiaPeisu Scholarship

2008 CAS Merit Student


2011.9–present High-level Automatic Test Program Generation for Superscalar Processors.
Motivation: Apply Bounded Model Checker to excite all function paths of the superscalar processor, and automatically generating test programs.

2009.6–2011.9 Software-Based Self-Test (SBST) for Processors (Chinese National Natural Science Funds, 2005).
Motivation: SBST enables the processors to test themselves and other circuits. SBST applies test programs to cover processor functions and test structural defects without high-speed ATE devices, and achieves the fault coverage close to full-scan test.
Contribution: Present a method for automatic test instruction generation (ATIG) on ATS 2010. Present a test program generation method for hidden control logic in pipeline processors on TVLSI. (Under Review)

2008.6–2009.2 Reliable Network-on-chip Router Design (Chinese National Natural Science Funds).
Motivation: With the shrink of the technology into nanometer scale, network-on-chip (NOC) has become a reasonable solution for connecting plenty of IP blocks on a single chip, however it suffers from both crosstalk effects and single event upset (SEU), especially crosstalk-induced delay, which may constrain the overall performance of NOC.
Contribution: Present a selected crosstalk avoidance code (SCAC) on VTS 2008.
Design a reliable NOC router to tolerate both crosstalk effects and soft error on ATS 2008 & JCST 2009.
Design a selected transition time adjustment system for crosstalk effects on NOC interconnects on TVLSI 2012.


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