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Institutionen för datavetenskap vid Linköpings universitet

Introduction to
Methodology of Research in Computer Science


News, Fall 2000.

8/1 Result of December examination. Results of the examination are now being distributed to those participating in the exam. Contact the course leader if you have any questions.
For those who want to participate in the extra examination planned for late January or
early February, contact Britt-Inger Karlsson.

16/12 Examination. The result of the examination in December will be made available no later than January 2, 2001. An extra examination is planned for late January or early February.

25/27  Oct: The final panel scheduled for November 16, will be moved to a later occasion. An extra time will be scheduled for the obligatory discussion on methodolgical issues, in addition to the one that takes place November 9. Students will be divided into two groups. One group is scheduled for 10-12 and one group for 13 - 15. Both groups will meet in Elogen (please note change of room).

The final written examination will take place November 30, 13 - 16. Please refer to Britt-Inger Karlsson for instructions.

Electronic publishing - A potential revolution
in dissemination and archiving of scientific knowledge.

Professor Erik Sandewall.

Thursday, September 28, 10.15 - 12.00
in IDA conference room Estraden, E Building, Linköping University.

In this open seminar, which is also presented as part of the graduate
course on Introduction to Methodology of Research in Computer and
Information Science, Erik Sandewall will review the historical
development of the journal system for publication of Scientific results.
He will also explain and discuss changes made possible by the new
development of electronic media and exemplify with initiative such a
Linköping University Electronic Press ( and
Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence.



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