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The IDA publication register contains information about articles written by researchers at IDA. (A few entries derive from projects in close cooperation with projects at IDA). The usual bibliographic references are combined with links to on-line copies of those articles whenever available and known. The links marked "[ALP]" and "[ECP]" are explained at the end of the present page.

The following are the publication register entries
that have been reported during 2002

If the article you are looking for is not in this list, then
maybe it was already reported in last year's list.

Mathias Broxvall.
Constraint Satisfaction on Infinite Domains: Composing Domains and Decomposing Constraints.
Has beeb accepted at the eight international conference on principles of knowledge representation and reasoning (KR2002).
- (tcslab)

Luis Alejandro Cortes, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng.
Verification of Real-Time Embedded Systems using Petri Net Models and Timed Automata.
Has been accepted at the 8th International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA 2002), to be held in Tokyo, Japan, March 18-20, 2002.
- (eslab)

Mathias Broxvall, Peter Jonsson, Jochen Renz.
Disjunctions, Independence, Refinements.
Has been accepted to the Artificial Intelligence Journal for publication.
- (tosca)

Erik Larsson, Zebo Peng.
An Integrated Framework for the Design and Optimization of SOC Test Solutions.
Has been accepted to the Journal of Electronic Testing; Theory and Applications (JETTA),for the Special Issue on Plug-and-Play Test Automation for System-on-a-Chip,to appear in the August 2002 issue (vol. 18, no. 4).
- (eslab)

Fredrik Heintz, Johan Kummeneje, Paul Scerri.
Using Simulated RoboCup to Teach AI in Undergraduate Education.
In Proceedings of the Seventh Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI2001), pp. 13-21, editor Henrik Hautorp Lund, Brian Mayoh and John Perram, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2001.
- (rtslab)

Diana Szentivanyi, Simin Nadjm-Tehrani.
Building and Evaluating an FT-CORBA Infrastructure.
Accepted for presentationto to the workshop on Dependable Middleware-based Systems. The workshop is part of the main international conference on Dependable Networks and Systems (DSN) in Washingtion DC, June 2002.
- (tosca)

Johan Moe, David Carr.
Using Execution Trace Data to Improve Distributed Systems.
Has been accepted for presentation in the Journal of Software Practice and Experience.
- (aslab)

Dag Nyström, Aleksandra Tesanovic, Christer Norström, Jörgen Hansson.
Data Management Issues in Vehicle Control Systems: a Case Study.
Accepted for presentation to the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS'02).
- (rtslab)

Jörgen Hansson, Magnus Thor Helgasson, Sang Son, Tom Ziemke.
Using Artificial Neural Networks for Admission Control in Firm Real-Time Systems.
Accepted to the International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA 2002).
- (rtslab)

Fredrik Gustafsson, Jörgen Hansson, Sang Son.
Process Migration in Distributed Real-Time Systems.
Accepted to the International Conference on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA 2002).
- (rtslab)

Erik Skarman.
EEG waves as chaotic self oscillatons.
Accepted for presentation (as a poster) at the 11th World Congress of Psychophysiology in Montrea, August 2002.
- (witas)

Mathias Broxvall.
A method for metric temporal reasoning.
In: Proceedings of the Eighteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-02), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. July 2002.
- (tcslab)

Erik Berglund.
Designing Electronic Reference Documentation for Software Component Libraries.
Accepted for publication in The Journal of Systems and Software.
- (aslab)

Marcus Schmitz, Bashir Al-Hashimi, Petru Eles.
Energy-Efficient Mapping and Scheduling for DVS Enabled Distributed Embedded Systems.
Accepted for publication at the Design Automation and Test in Europe Conference (DATE 2002), Paris, March.
- (eslab)

Mauricio Varea, Luis Alejandro Cortes, Bashir Al-Hashimi, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng.
Symbolic Model Checking of Dual Transition Petri Nets.
Accepted for publication at the 10th International Symposium on Hardware/Software Codesign (CODES 2002), Estes Park, Colorado, May.
- (eslab)

Traian Pop, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng.
Holistic Scheduling and Analysis of Mixed Time/Event-Triggered Distributed Embedded Systems.
Accepted as a regular paper at the 10th International Symposium on Hardware/Software Codesign (CODES 2002) held in Estes Park, Colorado, USA (May 6-8).
- (eslab)

Abdil Rashid Mohamed, Zebo Peng, Petru Eles.
BIST Synthesis: An Approach to Resources Optimization under Test Time Constraints.
Accepted to the 5th Design and Diagnostic of Electronic Computer Systems (DDECS2002) held in Brno, Czech, April 16-19.
- (eslab)

Erik Larsson, Hideo Fujiwara.
Power Constrained Preemptive TAM Scheduling.
Accepted at the European Test Workshop held in Corfu, Greece, May 26-29.
- (eslab)

Christoph Kessler, Andrzej Bednarski.
Optimal Integrated Code Generation for Clustered VLIW Architectures.
Accepted as a regular paper to ACM SIGPLAN 2002 conference on Languages, Compilers, and Tools for Embedded Systems (LCTES'02), June 19-21, 2002, Berlin, Germany.
- (pelab)

Andrei Krokhin, Peter Jonsson.
Extending the point algebra into the qualitative algebra.
Accepted at the 9th International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME-2002).
- (tosca)

Vilhelm Dahllöf, Peter Jonsson, Magnus Wahlström.
Counting Satisfying Assignments in 2-SAT and 3-SAT.
Accepted for presentation at The Eighth Annual International Computing and Combinatorics Conference (COCOON2002) held in Singapore, August 15-17.
- (tosca)

Ola Angelsmark, Vilhelm Dahllöf, Peter Jonsson.
Finite Domain Constraint Satisfaction Using Quantum Computation.
Accepted to the 27th International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS-2002).
- (tosca)

Ioan Chisalita, Nahid Shahmehri.
An In-Vehicle Approach for GIS Utilization for Improving Traffic Safety.
Accepted for presentation at IEEE SMC '02 conference, held in Tunis, October 6-9 2002.
- (iislab)

Ioan Chisalita, Nahid Shahmehri.
A Novel Architecture for Supporting Vehicular Communication.
Accepted for presentation at IEEE VTC2002-Fall (Vehicular Technology Conference) held in Vancouver, Canada, 24-28 September 2002.
- (iislab)

Daniel Karlsson, Petru Eles, Zebo Peng.
Formal Verification in a Component-based Reuse Methodology.
Accepted to the International Symposium on System Synthesis (ISSS) held in Kyoto, Japan, 2-4 October 2002.
- (eslab)

Ioan Chisalita, Nahid Shahmehri.
A Peer-to-Peer Approach for Vehicular Communication for Support of Traffic Safety Applications.
Accepted for presentation at IEEE ITSC2002 (Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference) held in Singapore, 3-6 September 2002,
- (iislab)

Ola Angelsmark, Peter Jonsson, Svante Linusson, Johan Thapper.
Determining the number of solutions to binary CSP instances.
Accepted at the 8th International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming, held at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, Sept. 8-13, 2002.
- (tosca)

Å. Blomquist, M. Arvola.
Personas in Action: Ethnography in an Interaction Design Team.
Accepted as short paper at The Second Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (NordiCHI 2002): Tradition and Transcendence. Aarhus, Denmark, October 19-23, 2002.
- (cselab)

L. Lidman, A. Babic, Mathias Arvola, U. Lönn, H. Casimir-Ahn.
Defending Clinician Values: Quality-in-Use of Decision Support Systems for Thoracic Surgery.
Accepted as poster at AMIA 2002. San Antonio, TX, November 9-13, 2002.
- (cselab)

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