Here's ETAI in a nutshell:

The ETAI is a new kind of electronic journal which uses posteriori reviewing. A contributed article is first published, then subjected to a public discussion period, and then to confidential refereeing by peers whereby it may be accepted and obtain the status of an article published in a journal. Articles are received and reviewed within the specialized areas designated by the following table, and only within them.

ETAI started operation in mid-1997, and the list of research areas is still short and some of the activities are only partially active. The "News Journal" boxes refer to the regular update about new results in the area, and three of the News Journals have started to appear. The boxes for "Articles under review" and "Accepted articles" will refer to complete lists of articles in those categories, and "Colloquium/Catalogues" refers to on-line catalogues of publications, of researchers in the area, conference calendar, etc.

To find out more, please click any underlined phrases to see what exists already and what is planned.

Area News Journal Articles under review Accepted articles Colloquium/ Catalogues
Planning and Scheduling Latest (26.5) Back issues Listing and Discussions Contents of ETAI
Vol. 1 (1997)
In operation
Reasoning about Actions and Change Latest News (25.4) Listing and Discussions In operation
Decision and Reasoning under Uncertainty Latest News (3.8), Back issues Listing and Discussions  
Intelligent User Interfaces Latest (21.7) Back issues Listing and Discussions In operation
Concept based knowledge representation      

Additional areas are presently being discussed.

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