Intelligent User Interfaces


Area editor: Elisabeth André, DFKI, Germany

Area editorial committee

  • Niels Ole Bernsen, Odense University, Denmark
  • Peter Brusilovsky, CMU, USA
  • Lynda Hardmann, CWI, NL
  • James Lester, North Carolina State University, USA
  • Joe Marks, MERL, USA
  • Chris Mellish, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Ehud Reiter, University of Aberdeen, UK
  • Constantine Stephanidis, FORTH, Greece
  • Oliviero Stock, IRST, Italy
  • Annika Waern, SICS, Sweden

Definition of the area

The area of Intelligent User Interfaces focuses on design principles, methodologies and tools that make man-machine communication easier and more effective. Topics within the scope of the area include:
  • knowledge-based tools and environments for user interface design and development
  • adaptive and customizable user interfaces
  • user modeling
  • intelligent interface agents and agent-based interaction
  • knowledge-based presentation of information
  • intelligent interfaces to the internet, for tasks such as design, presentation, access and navigation
  • natural-language and multimodal interfaces
  • intelligent front-ends to multimedia, hypermedia and virtual environments
  • architectures for intelligent user interfaces
  • evaluation and analysis of intelligent user interfaces
  • applications, such as tutoring and advisory systems, computer-supported collaborative work, computer-aided design, decision-support systems, information kiosks