ETAI's Electronic Edition

The Electronic edition of the ETAI is published by Linköping University Electronic Press. Under a formal agreement, the University and the E-Press guarantee the persistent availability of published ETAI issues over a period of at least 25 years. The webpage of the electronic edition gives access to issues and annual volumes containing the ETAI accepted articles and research notes.

In case of service failure, here is a spare copy of the ETAI electronic edition webpage.

ETAI's Paper Edition

The Printed edition of the ETAI is published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, and will be distributed to distinguished libraries worldwide.

Publication schedule

The Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence is published with one issue every three months. Each volume contains four issues and represents the publications during one calendar year.

An issue labelled e.g. "January-March, 1998" will contain those articles that have been received and posted during those three months, and which have later been accepted by the ETAI after due refereeing. The articles are accumulated to that issue in the order in which they are accepted through refereeing. Allowing for three months of discussion and about one month for subsequent refereeing, each issue and volume can be expected to be complete about four months after the end of its nominal time period.

Forthcoming Articles

During each (three-month) publication period, articles are accumlulated to the ETAI issue in the order of the acceptance decisions. The currently "open issue" therefore contains articles that have been accepted, but where some other articles are still pending.

Current and Past Reviewing

The reviewing for ETAI articles is done separately within each of the participating research areas. In order to see what articles are presently under review or have been reviewed, please refer to each of the areas in the main ETAI webpage.

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