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Gunnar Jansson
The importance of exploration methods for haptic displays

Jana Holsanova
Language and vision from a dynamic perspective

Marianne Gullberg and Kenneth Holmqvist
What speakers do and what listners look at. A comment on visual deixis and mimesis

Björn Granström, David House and Magnus Lundberg
Eyebrow movements as a cue to prominence

Martin Gustavsson
Designing a multimodal system for a culturally diverse user group

Linda Bell and Joakim Gustafson
Utterance types in the August database

Eva-Lotta Sallnäs, Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn and Calle Sjöström
Support for the modality of touch in collaborative environments

Nils Dahlbäck, Annika Flycht-Eriksson, Arne Jönsson and Pernilla Qvarfordt
A system architecture for multimodal natural dialogue systems

Leif Grönkvist and Jens Allwood
MultiTool - A tool for synchronized work on multimodal dialog

Joakim Gustafson, Nikolaj Lindberg and Magnus Lundberg
The August spoken dialogue system

Sheri Hunnicut, Alice Carlberger, Elisabet Rosengren and Nathalie Talbot
Draw a circle! - Spoken man-machine communication for design

Torbjörn Lager and Natalia Zinovjeva
Training a dialogue act tagger with the u-TBL system

Pirkko Rautakoski
Can AAC-methods help the communication of adults with severe aphasia and their families?

Kerstin Nelfelt
The difference in semiotic bases between visual and auditive language and its consequences for descriptive models

Ann-Christin Månsson
Emotions and nonverbal communication in childern with different types of language impairments

Elisabeth Ahlsen
The role of nonverbal information in dialogues involving persons with aphasia - two case examples

Anu Klippi
From verbal nonfluency to interactive fluency in Broca's aphasia

Symposium on Multimodal

Natural Language Processing Laboratory
Department of Computerand Information Science
Linköping University
Organizing committee:
Arne Jönsson
Nils Dahlbäck
Annika Flycht-Eriksson
Pernilla Qvarfordt